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Pirates Who Don't do Anything

Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
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Avast, ye scurvy dogs!

This here is a community, made especially for th' most fearsome an' wild bucaneer original characters [/alter-egos] t' be found on livejournal!

't jus' so happens that you, my dear gentlemen of fortune, have found th' most stupidly ridiculous greatest, grandest, pirate ship on th' seven seas!
(Or at least the internet, aarrr.)

We are lookin for a crew that's idiotic crazy enough to face the risks of a pirates life! Ya'll scalliwags want to know what that means, eh?!
Tha' life of a pirate includes anythin' that threatens to get ye sent to the gallows.....

But those treacherous dogs tha' desert will walk the plank an' be damned to davy jone's locker.

If ye're desperate enough to leave yer landlubber life, here's the code of conduct ye shall sail under (under the captain's cutlass menace, ha ha):


Each pirate has equal voting rights [in contests, polls etc.]

Character Design is up to their creators, and prejudice over religion, race or nationality will be punished.

No fighting between pirates on board the ship ( I will not tolerate any kind of flaming on me ship! Any kind of hostile act that's not under a Role Play (RP) circumstances will get the parties responsible marooned)

Despite women carrying with them terrible, HORRIBLE bad luck to ships, Female characters are allowed.

Each man shall keep his piece, cutlass and pistols at all times clean and ready for action.

Privateers and Navy Dogs shall make their own communities if they wants to, and we shall affiliate for t' purpose of sharing art and RPing.

No Mary Sues* are allowed
*For the purposes of this club a we'll be going by the wikipedia definition

[For clarity's sake: This is a club for original pirate characters. All are welcome to join.]

For a RP session/port you bilge rats will need to write down this info:

Open To:
Currently Involving:

If you are new, post a profile or design sheet of your character! Literature is alos accepted. We will eventually list down the Captain's an their ships. And under that, their crew.