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nightmare_01 [userpic]
Profile sheet - Characters: Captain Dylan Yule and Black Spot Sid
by nightmare_01 (nightmare_01)
at December 12th, 2006 (09:41 pm)

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Raphaella's character's profile inspired me to make profiles for my own characters <3
I hope she doesn't mind that I based them on the way she designed the sheet profile.

Captain Dylan YuleCollapse )


Black Spot SidCollapse )

My lj-cuts are not working D:

raphaella_x [userpic]
Profile Sheet - Character: Dan Kings
by raphaella_x (raphaella_x)
at December 12th, 2006 (12:01 am)

Yo ho, this is the facial profile of my character(will edit post and add a full bodied profile later). I tried to make him plain looking, and for the love of God I cannot draw without it looking X-Men Evolution style. I'm sorry.
Image under cutCollapse )

Anyhow, Dan doesn't have any speical abilities except he rarely gets drunk, despite the amount of alcohol consumed. Also, he is pretty nifty with a personal dagger, but terrible with a sword; and he's never used a gun before. He doesn't like to make conversation much because he always says the wrong thing, and scowls alot. He's a bit naive, wet behind the ears and unconfident, though he doesn't show it. He has a heart somewhere but he has yet to find it, heh. He's a bit humble at times, too. He hates to admit it, but sometimes he needs help with certain stuff.

Background: He comes from the outskirts of London from a huge family who aren't actually all blood related and not very weathly. He was raised by friends more than blood family, though he didn't care. He always took trips to the ocean with those who had business at port and becamse fasinated with everything there. Although he tried hard at home, the open sea had always drawn him in. Deciding to move along in life he left London at 17 after stowing away on a cargo vessel. Unfortunately he was discovered and set to be punished, except that fortunately the vessel, which was carrying shit loads of rum and other goodies, came under seige from The Bilge (A shithouse ship, but tough nonetheless). The cargo vessels crew were beaten but left alive, and Dan managed to convince his way onboard the pirate ship, where he was pushed and worked hard, and generally had a tough time. In one year he learnt fast, though he still doesn't know everything.
And somehow he ends up with, what will hopefully be, the crew we're creating ;)

(I changed his bg because it sounded too much like Nightmare's character, and I'm sorry for that. It was a bad coincidence on my part) Forgive meh?

nightmare_01 [userpic]
How to RP in this livejournal.
by nightmare_01 (nightmare_01)
at December 8th, 2006 (01:18 am)

Ahoy, me good mates! This be Nightmare talkin' (typin') to ye.

To make things clearer, and easier for the members of this brand new community to understand, we would be glad if you read the information in the community's profile.
Also, so our heads don't go explody from searching thru the entries for our RP sessions, you MUST tag them:

If it's art or if it's literature.
Profiles or actual RPs.
Where does the RPing takes place in; say the forcastle, and what ship, if it's in the wharf; what port? And if it's a tavern, which one? Even if your character is lost in the middle of the Caribbean ocean, you shall inform us of it with the tagging. Terms like 'Tortuga' are more than welcome.
Which characters are in it too.
( You can do multiple ones by putting commas between them in the 'tag' field )

The more specific you can be, the better.
You must use lj-cuts, too.

To make things even easier, your RP entries shall be added to the memories. Profiles will be added too.

And depending what character are you playing, it would be helpfull if you used an icon representing him/her.

Well, that's all for now. Remember this place was made to have fun, and these rules, even if they seem annoying to the extreme at times, will eventually help you out <3 aka 'you will thank me one day' excuse.

Stef out!

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